Guideline for Employers

How can we use?

You can find wonderful teachers and staffs thorough this job board page. Basically, you can use this site for free as registering and job posting. However for each employing, we required to you to pay.

If you interested in our web site, feel free to register and ask any questions!!

 Post a job

Steps for posting jobs

【Step1】 Create your account

Please create your account with e-mail and password.* You may receive an set-up completed email from Preschool Career Info.

【Step2】 Access or click “Post a job” page or button.

If you do not log in yet, please log in and access the page.

【Step3】 Fill in blanks

Please fill in blanks and add your school’s detail. Then click to “Preview”. At the final, check all added information and click submit listing.


Access to Candidates information

When candidates apply to your school

When Candidates apply to your school, you may got an email with the Candidate’s resume.

When you want to check all candidates information on Preschool Career

Please access to For employers > Browse Candidates. Then you can see all candidates information.


Way to edit job detail

Way to edit job detail

Please access to For employers > Employer Dashboard. When you want to edit detail, click “Edit”, when you want to stop recruitment temporarily, click “Mark as filled” and when you want to delete recruitment, click “Delete”.