Questions about jobs

Questions Regarding Preschool/International School Jobs

1. Are preschools in Japan the same as “preschools” in the United States?

    A: In the United States, preschool is considered a school for children before the age of 5. In Japan, that kind of school is considered a “hoikuen”. “Preschool”, in Japan is defined as a school where children under 5 years old can learn English. So in other words, it is a international school for young children.

2. Do I need a Japanese teaching permit to teach at a school?

    A: For preschools/international schools a Japanese teaching permit is not required. However, some schools require a teaching permit from the country you are from. For preschools many schools require a nursing permit/license.

3. What are the requirements of becoming a preschool/international school teacher?

    A: This is completely different according to which school you are registering to. However, it can be said that the more achievements/qualifications you have, the better your resume will look.

4. Which English test is most used in Japan?

    A: The TOEIC is the most famous English test here in Japan. We recommend you to take the test if you are not a native English speaker.

5. Will schools look at my foreign qualifications? (example: foreign teaching license)

    A: Yes they will. Even if schools require a certain qualification, they will accept a foreign qualification/license that is similar to the one they are requiring.

6. Do I have to be a great Japanese speaker?

    A: For preschools, many of your students are going to be Japanese students. Therefore a certain level of Japanese may be required. However, there are many schools that accept foreign teachers who are new to this country.

 7.Can I work part time?

    A: Yes there are a lot of part time job offerings. Please search through our Current Jobs page for details.